Security For Your Home

Safety and Security For Your Home

We design a personalized home security plan to protect your family and your home.

We offer a complete home security audit and threat assessment to determine your level of potential risk.

We employ “CPTED” “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” principles to help deter crime in your home.

Our program will assist in preventing physical break-ins and property loss. It is also specially designed to protect your family from becoming victims of violent crime even while away from the safety of your home.

What we look at:


High insurance rates?

Have you had your vehicle broken into or stolen? Has someone broken into your home or business and stolen your valuables? If this has happened to you then you know how much your insurance rates can sky rocket. ITC Security Consultants can help prevent this from happening and keep your insurance rates from increasing. We can also help secure your home or business so your chances of being victimized again are greatly reduced. Most insurance companies may lower your premiums or deductibles if you can demonstrate that you have taken steps to help prevent and deter criminals from targeting you again.