Are You a Real Estate Agent or Broker?

We have developed a security program specifically designed for you and your clients

Real Estate ProgramsITC Security Consultants commitment is to provide a service which will allow clients to feel safe and secure in their homes, and in their lives. To ensure that the lifestyles of everyone affected by our programs will continue in the manner to which they are accustomed with the added feelings of happiness and contentment that comes from knowing that both they, their families and their possessions are secure. This service will include but also go far beyond just physical security. It will provide specific knowledge to each client which will allow them this security even when away from home.

ITC Security Consultants will perform a complete threat assessment on your home evaluating the likelihood of and susceptibility to various potential risks. These risks range from a physical breach, or break in to the home, to home invasions and violent acts. This process of risk analysis has been developed exclusively by ITC Security Consultants using knowledge and common sense approaches gained through years of practical experience. It is through this knowledge that we can safeguard families against any type of risk.

Before any security changes take place we will conduct a full security audit. This will assist with the planning of personalized security strategies, thereby enabling an individual or family to develop a safe and secure home environment. This audit will look at the systems currently in place. It will look at how the three circles of security are engaged before we start and how they can be improved. It will also look at the lifestyles and patterns of the persons within the home. This will assist the ITC Security Consultants with the development of programs to enhance the safety and security of all persons, facilities, and assets.

"Crime prevention through environmental design" is an approach to crime prevention that takes into account the relationship between the physical environment and the users of that environment. This includes items such as the placement of shrubbery and flower beds, to the types of doors and locks in a home. It may also involve the use of natural and artificial light, as well as where to place certain items of value for the ease of use and maximum protection.

Real Estate ProgramsITC Security Consultants uses this in residential applications so that the proper design and effective use of the physical environment can produce behavioural effects that will reduce the incidence and fear of crime, thereby improving the quality of life.

Through our unique ability to provide a service which is not available elsewhere, ITC Security Consultants can offer Brokers and agents an innovative way to attract new clients, as well as maintaining the loyalty of all of their existing clients. What ITC Security Consultants offers any company is an “Added Value”. We are able to take what is an already excellent service, and add a tool to the kit, which will assist in keeping good clients happy, by providing them something they have never been offered the past.

We believe that this “Added Value” will bring in much new and repeat business which will add profit to the bottom line. We are also convinced that this service will be most beneficial in an environment where the “word of mouth” business is of the utmost importance.

Security is one of the most used buzz words in almost any market today. Everyone knows it is required and almost everyone believes that they cannot get enough given recent world and domestic events. The questions are, Where to find it? And, exactly what do I need?

Through this program we can answer both questions. The first answer will be that it can now be found through your company. Not only will you provide your clients with the finest homes and surroundings, but now, you will be the means by which all of their security concerns will be addressed. No more searching for them, and a greater service provided by you.

The second question will be answered by our ITC Security Consultants in a private, professional, and confidential manner.

The program that we are offering is one in which our service would be offered to your clients upon the purchase of any new home as an optional closing gift from you the agent. These clients would receive a personalized home visit, security audit, security consultation, and a detailed written plan which will address all of their needs.

How will this work with your company?

We understand the need for this product in the marketplace and the value that it has. We also understand your need to have fixed costs to allow for the management of your fees. Therefore, we will limit our rate and provide a flat rate for every home and family, regardless of size.

ITC Security Consultants also understands that having to do more work for each sale is not what your company needs. Therefore we will guarantee that this service will be provided each time, with promptness, professionalism and courtesy. All that will be required of the agent is one phone call or email, and we will do the rest. We will also provide feedback to the agent and broker on our dealings with the client to ensure a positive and always improving service.