Property Security Assessments - CPTED

Property Security Assessments - CPTED

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

"Crime prevention through environmental design" is an approach to crime prevention that takes into account the relationship between the physical environment and the users of that environment. We use this concept for residential and commercial applications so that the proper design and effective use of the physical environment can produce behavioural effects that will reduce the incidence and fear of crime, thereby improving the quality of life.


In providing a complete residential security assessment, ITC Security Consultants will look at areas such as;

By employing these and other ITC Security Consultants developed strategies, we will ensure that your entire family will be and feel secure at all times.


To provide your corporation a complete CPTED assessment ITC Security Consultants will review;

In reviewing all areas of your business from the physical structures to company policies and procedures, ITC Security Consultants can address both specific areas of concern and a general security overview with these CPTED principles to meet your security requirements.

ITC Security Consultants are fortunate to have one of Ontario's leading CPTED experts on staff that is able to provide our clients with a complete and thorough CPTED assessment. He is also able to provide level 1 and level II CPTED training to all of our corporate clients.

This training will include some of the following principles: