Threat and Risk Assessments


Threat and Risk Assessments

We perform a complete threat and vulnerability risk assessment on your business evaluating the likelihood of and susceptibility to various potential threats and risks. ITC Security Consultants utilizes the Ontario Government's security guidelines in all of its assessments. These standards for TRA's have been developed from accepted Canadian Government policies for security assessments.

In our reports that we prepare for our clients, we identify and complete a thorough threat assessment on your company's asset's that can have a negative impact on your organization. We also prepare a probability chart to show you the likelihood that an event will occur. We show you how these threats would have an impact on the safety and security of your asset's and to show our clients the level of risk for those same asset's. A detailed business plan is offerred containing  a gap analysis report along with a complete cost benefit analysis as part of our services.

By gathering crime and statistical data information, and employing CPTED strategies along with utilizing our unique Security Assessment Model (SAM ) in all of our threat and vulnerability risk assessments, we are able to ensure that the most complete and accurate assessments are achieved for our clients.

ITC Security Consultants will ensure that all owners, managers, employees and other members of the public will feel safe and secure while inside your business. Finding comfort in your surroundings is our commitment to you.


Security system design and risk analysis for Health Canada's new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) now available