Fire Safety Plans, Designs, and Inspections

Over the past several years ITC Security Consultants has developed a strong working relationship with several of the province's top fire professionals. These individuals are recognized as leaders in their field and have achieved the highest recognition for their work that can be attained. Through this relationship we are able to partner with these experts to offer our clients complete and comprehensive fire related services. We recognize that this service is an essential component in any complete safety and security program and therefore meets the commitment to service that ITC Security Consultants is known for.

Fire SafetyThe following is a list of what we offer for our clients;

  1. Preparation of fire safety plans for all types of occupancies in accordance with Division B, Section 2.8 of the Ontario Fire Code.
  2. Review of compliance status to the Ontario Fire Code.
  3. Review of Notice of Violations issued by local fire departments and recommend appropriate course of action.
  4. Review of insurance company inspection reports in regards to the Ontario Building and Fire Code requirements.
  5. Provide fire safety training to fire wardens, property managers, building superintendents, plant employees and members of the emergency response team in areas of implementation of approved fire safety plan; the storage, handling and use of flammable and combustible liquids; emergency spill control procedures for plant employees; maintenance of fire protection system; and fire/evacuation drill training.
  6. Provide fire protection systems and technical Fire Code training for municipal building officials and fire officials, including plans examination and inspection techniques for special fire hazards.
  7. Provide third party review of alternative solutions for compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and Building Code.
  8. Provide annual review service of existing fire safety plans and annual training of supervisory staff.