Safety and Security using Social Media

With most of us using social media today its important that we understand some of the security and safety issues surrounding its use. Whether you are using a computer or a smart phone, there are certain things to remember. First of all, unless you have looked at the settings, some of these social media sites like Facebook, default to allow anyone to see your status. As well if you have turned on the location feature, every time you access the site it posts where you are. If you have teenagers you probably don't want strangers knowing what mall they are at. Also remember, if your friends can see where you are so can the criminals who are looking for their next home to break into. It really isn't a good idea to post your upcoming trips to the cottage or your next vacation on facebook or twitter before you actually leave. That is just telling everyone that you wont be home and another invitation to be a victim of breakin. Tell everyone how great your trip was after you get back.