Safety and Security during the Holidays

With the Holiday season just around the corner i thought i would provide everyone a few safety tips. This is the time of year that criminals come out of the woodwork to pray on the public as they shop for the Holidays. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe and your possessions secure;

1. When going to a bank to use a bank machine use a credit card to open any exterior door and not your bank card. Remember to cover your hand when typing in your pin. Pin card readers and criminals with binoculars are used to steal your access pin numbers.

2. Avoid withdrawing large amounts of cash from bank machines. Robberies are a daily occurrence for people leaving bank machines with large amounts of cash in hand.

3. Lock your vehicle doors when at the gas pumps. Thieves will look for unlocked doors to steal your purse of gifts while you gas up or pay for your purchase.

4. Remember to put any gifts you buy into your vehicles trunk and out of site of thieves when at the mall.

5.Take several small trips to your car rather than 1 large one. Criminals prey on people with their hands or shopping carts full of presents.

6. Be aware of distraction thefts by someone asking for directions or an offer to fix your flat tire ( which they caused ) they will take that opportunity to steal your possessions.

7. Keep your purses closed and secure when shopping at the mall. Wallets should not be kept in your rear pants pocket. Pick pockets love this time of year.

8. Leave lots of lights on inside and outside of your home and don't leave gifts inside your house  visible to people outside when you are not there.