How many of you have had your vehicle broken into?

Like many of you out there I was the victim of having my vehicle broken into recently while it was parked in the driveway of my home. The criminals pried open the locked tailgate of my truck and stole some tools that I had inside the bed. I had a lockable cover on my vehicle but that wasn't enough to prevent the theft. So, after reporting the theft to my local Police agency I was off to talk to my insurance agent to file my claim. Imagine my surprise when i was told that because my vehicle was parked in my driveway the tools that i lost fell under my home insurance policy and not my truck insurance. My deductible was 1000.00 dollars. However the damage to the tailgate that was caused when the thieves broke into my truck fell under my truck insurance and that deductible was 300.00. The value of the tools that were stolen was just less than 1000.00, and the damage to the tailgate was about 400.00. With it unlikely that the Police will find the persons responsible for breaking into my truck and me getting my stuff back I am on the hook for the damage and loss of my tools. This was a wake up call for me that I should have checked my insurance policy more closely and more importantly, not leave my tools in my truck. Even though my truck was properly locked and secured it did not deter the criminals who were determined......Lesson learned.  Scott