Here are a few safety tips that will help your children stay safe during Halloween:

1. put reflective bands around your children's arms and carry reflective Halloween candy bags so cars can see them when they cross the road.

2. go trick or treating with your kids in your own neighbourhood where you are familiar with your neighbours and surroundings.

3. Keep your children from criss crossing the streets. Go up one side of the street at a time.

4. Avoid  going to homes where there are no lights on, even if someone is home. If people wanted children to come to their door they will leave a light on outside.

5. Always check the candies that your children bring home. Throw away any unwrapped or tampered treats.

6. check any fruit that your children get for signs of any tampering and call Police immediately if you find any. 

and finally...get out and trick or treat with your children so you can see who they are getting their candy from.