Complaint - Aug 2012

Recently I became aware of complaints and a series of comments that were written about me and my company that appear on several online complaint web sites that are affiliated with one another. These complaints and the stories that were written are 100 % fabricated. My company has never done any work for these individuals nor have I ever spoken to or met them. The comments  that were posted in response to these complaints were also fabricated by the same individual. They have even impersonated me and posted several comments. There are also several malicious complaints about several of my colleagues that are not true as well. 

This individual has been the subject of several investigations by my department and as a result he has targeted as many police officers within our department as possible whether or not they have had any dealings with him, as in my case. Unfortunately in my profession we have to deal with such issues from time to time.

My Police department and I have contacted the web sites owners and politely requested that these posts be removed. They have either flat out refused to remove any comments or insisted that a fee is paid to them first.

I pride myself in my professionalism and integrity both as a Police Officer, and as the owner of ITC Security Consultants. I have had an exemplorary career during my 29 years on the police department. I have owned and operated my company for over 6 years doing work for some of the business world's biggest named clients without a single complaint.

Russ Lauria