Be Careful When That Sales Person Comes To Your Door

With spring here now you will no doubt have a visit from a sales person offering you "great deals" on everything from water heaters and furnaces to lawn care and windows. While most of these people are honest there are a few things you should know to protect yourself. Most sales people are at your front door to sell you something, that is their job. They will usually want you to sign a contract of some sort before they leave your home agreeing to a service or item they are selling. While most people do not take the time to read the small print on the back of the contract, that is usually where all the important details that they didn't tell you are. If you do not have time to read the entire contract or the sales person is rushing you, remember that by law you have 10 days to cancel any contract that you sign. This is done so consumers can take a few days to fully understand what they are signing. As well if you sign a contract make sure you are left a copy of it. Speaking from personal experience I recently had a sales person add some very important charges to a contract i signed after he left my house but because i kept a copy when he returned to provide the service i was able to see the changes. Needless to say he left my home with his tail between his legs and with me canceling the contract. Remember the old saying....buyer be ware....Russ