Leadership Team

Russ Lauria - President & CEO

Russ was a police officer for 30 years with a large GTA police agency. He had spent numerous years as a uniform sergeant as well as a detective and undercover officer in various criminal investigative offices. He had been in charge of several high profile cases during his career as an investigator. He is qualified in sexual assault/child abuse investigations as well as homicide, domestic violence, hate crime, youth gang, as well as a major case manager. His skills as an interviewer and interrogator are well known and he is often sought out by other senior investigators for his advice. Russ has completed over 100 threat and risk assessments during his career as a Police Officer and owner of ITC Security Consultants. He specializes in C-TPAT, Threat and Risk Assessments and MMPR security designs, and is qualified in CPTED as a level 1. Russ is a member of ASIS and is a qualified security consultant. He is currently working towards his certification as a CPP. 

Russ has written a monthly safety and security blog for a large real estate company as well he has been a guest speaker on corporate and personal security to several companies. His clients come from as far a way as England, Russia, New York, New Orleans and Texas. As well, Russ has been consulted for several magazine and newspaper articles including the National Retail Federation in Washington DC, Les Echos newspaper in Paris France and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on retail safety and security. Russ has taken his vast knowledge and skill and developed one of the most unique and fastest growing security consulting companies in Ontario.

Scott McVeigh - Vice President & Senior Consultant

Scott has been a police officer for over 25 years. Much of that time was in a uniform capacity where he responded to thousands of break and enter, robbery, fraud and theft related occurrences. The result of this is that Scott is now able to use this experience to add to ITC’s approach and problem solving. For the last 10 years Scott has been involved in investigating more serious offences including domestics, attempted murders, assaults, sexual assaults and arsons. Scott has done numerous threat and risk assessments in his career and is level 1 CPTED qualified. He is also highly trained in interviewing and interrogation techniques. During his investigative time one of Scott’s primary roles has been in the area of risk management and personal security for victims of serious crime. This experience also allows Scott a unique perspective on how to deal with and instruct individuals on managing their own lives in order to ensure the utmost safety. He has conducted several threat and risk assessments and is a qualified C-TPAT auditor. All of these skills allow Scott as ITC’s senior consultant to offer the very best to our clients.


Vince Lauria - Human Resources Specialist

Vince has been a Correctional Officer for over 30 years. During his career he has served as the Employee Co-Chair and certified member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee. He has been an Employee Executive member and has extensive knowledge and experience in Human Rights, WSIB, labour relations, bargaining and grievance processes. He has also been a member of the Institutional Emergency Planning Committee, Fire Safety Committee and the Infectious Prevention and Control Committee. Vince is a qualified instructor in WHMIS and is a qualified trainer in Baggage X-Ray System Operation and Radiation Safety. Vince is presently working towards becoming an instructor through the Workers Health & Safety Centre in Part 1 Basic Certification and Part 2 Workplace-specific Hazard Training. He is also recognized as a foremost expert in Health and Safety recommendations as it relates to threat and risk issues. Vince has completed several threat and risk assessments during his time with ITC. He is also Level 1 CPTED qualified.



Bob White – Anti-Terrorism / Personal Protective Consultant

Bob was a 20 year police officer with the United States Armed forces serving in Europe near the end of the Cold War era. In the U.S. he held positions as a game warden, military police investigator, criminal investigator, traffic investigator, divisional personnel manager and area support manager for a post 9/11 reaction force. Overseas included Europe, Turkey, and multiple posting to the Arabian Peninsula where he not only conducted international investigations but also advised local leadership on Anti-Terrorism measures. His courses include Countering Terrorism on military bases, Dynamics of International Terrorism, Counter Terrorism level II as well as holding a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and a Master Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis on Justice. Bob has completed over 70 threat and risk assessments with ITC and as part of the armed forces work here and abroad.

Bob’s experience in evaluating and recommending environmental changes to personal habits, workplace protective design, stand off and environmental awareness are an essential element to any industry contemplating business establishment in countries indicated by federal agencies known to be or may be prone to terrorist incident.


Damir Kulas – Sales/Consultant

Damir comes to ITC Security Consultants after 30 years of policing bringing a vast array of expertice including previous experience in the Private Investigating field.  Through his  policing career he has had the privilege of being a member of elite units such as the Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU) & Nuclear Security Division completing his Basic Tactical Officers Course (BTOC) providing security to both Pickering & Darlington Nuclear Plants (OPG).  He was also assigned to the Police Learning Centre (PLC) where he was a Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructor training both sworn and civilian members in self preservation and sound protective counter measures.  Damir has also had the opportunity to work in the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) dealing with Crimes against Persons (CAP) as well as general assignment investigations rounding off his exemplary policing career.

Outside of policing Damir is a certified instructor in the Management of Aggressive Behavior and has hosted a number of Personal Safety Seminars to staff and students of the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology, Scotia Bank and Durham College.  He was also an educational provider with an accredited course with The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals providing tailor made personal protection seminars.

With all of Damir’s experiences over the past 33 years it has taught him to always be three steps ahead when evaluating measures to protect persons, property and assets.